HR Wolf Creek's Phantom Duck Slayer JR


Color: Yellow      
Sex: Female      
Born: 27-May-10      
Health CHIC #: 86830      

Hips: LR-201382E30F-VPI

Elboys: LR-EL57337F30-VPI

CERF: LR-357044(11,12)      
EIC: Clear      
CNM: Clear      
AKC Reg. # SR63037502      
UKC Reg. # R225-964      
Micro Chip # AKC Car # 0006EAFDD6      


Great Grand-Parents
Great Great Grand-Parents
AFC CFC CAFC Calumet's Mein Soupster

FC AFC Calumet's Super Sonic

FC AFC Chances R Mein Schatzie

FC AFC Calumet's Sonic Boom

FC AFC Scan's in the Nick of Time

FC AFC Chena River Chavez

FC AFC Riparian Rhapsody

Canby's Magic Spell
FC AFCSky Watch Scanner
Goose Down Hannah Honey MH
NAFC FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
FC AFC Chena River No Surprise
FC Sandy's Slew Man Too
FC AFC Del's Hi-Lasie

HRCH Ram's Dixieland Delight MH

NAFC FC AFC Candlewoods Ramblin Man
Ebonstar Sothern Belle MH
FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
Tanks Candlewood Kate

NAFC FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac

Wilderness Harley's Free Fall JH
FC AFC Itchin’ To Go

AFC Black Gold’s Candlewood Kate

NFC NAFC Super Tanker

Rainbow’s Babbro Inkling QAA

CNFC CNAFC Waldorf’s High Tech
Ebonaceae Princess WCX

FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go

Simmerdown Shades of Country QAA